Unlocking Real-Time Payments Strategy and Technology

Is your credit union looking toward real-time payments to modernize your services? This brief discusses technology enablers for real-time payments, clearing rules and message specifications, and customer support challenges in a real-time environment.

With today’s expectations for immediacy, it’s crucial for financial institutions aiming to lead the industry to apply real-time solutions effectively. No matter the size of the institution, each needs a unique strategy for modernization. A key element of this strategy is the integration of instant payment systems, which are becoming increasingly vital across all levels of the financial sector.

In this webinar recap, Jim Colassano, RTP Product Management, at The Clearing House, Jim Maimone, SVP, Senior Payments Solution Consultant at Citizens Bank, and Mark Majeske, SVP of Faster Payments at Alacriti, explore the opportunities, challenges, and technology specifications to get your credit union set up with instant payments.

Download this article for a full recap of:

  • What the future holds for real-time payments
  • The importance of the ISO 20022 standard
  • Connecting to an RTP Network
  • A Roadmap for RTP