The Art of Human and AI Teaming in Cybersecurity

From relentless ransomware attacks to sophisticated social engineering, the cyber threat landscape is expanding at a breakneck pace. While artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), are not new to cybersecurity, their applications are quickly evolving from optional enhancements to strategic necessities.

To explore the state of AI in cybersecurity, MeriTalk and RSA Conference™ collected qualitative data from five in-depth interviews with senior cybersecurity leaders, as well as quantitative data from 100 Federal and 100 private sector cybersecurity decision-makers.

Download the full report to see:

  • Organizations’ prioritization and perceptions of AI for cybersecurity
  • Early use cases and results
  • Optimal workload for humans and AI
  • Current governance and guardrails
  • Remaining roadblocks
  • Recommendations for embracing AI while mitigating risks