Qualys Cloud Platform One stack to consolidate traditional enterprise security and compliance solutions and secure the digital transformation

As organizations digitally transform business processes to boost agility and efficiency, IT environments become distributed, elastic, and hybrid — a challenge for security teams. CISOs are no longer well served by conventional security products designed to protect traditional, well-defined corporate perimeters where most assets are on-premises.

With the adoption of cloud, mobility, virtualization, and other innovations, IT infrastructure frontiers have been pushed out, blurred, and even erased. To regain visibility and control over these new amorphous IT environments, CISOs often resort to accumulating heterogeneous point tools, an ineffective and counterproductive approach.

Because it’s difficult to integrate, manage and scale a plethora of disparate security products, this strategy results in operational silos, increased costs, and data fragmentation. Worse, it leaves organizations exposed to opportunistic hackers who take advantage of attack vectors created by the speed, openness, and interconnectedness of modern IT.

Qualys Cloud Platform