How To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

Blogs offer an opportunity to include many different types of content directly on your website – from educational articles to news-worthy information. Blogs can be easily shared on social media and through email, allowing businesses to appeal to users at different stages of the consumer journey and attract meaningful website traffic. Blogs also allow businesses to link to existing product and service pages on your website, providing ample possibilities for promotion and positioning. With the ability to include important keywords and phrases that visitors are using on search engines, blogs can also have significant value for SEO. According to Forbes, websites that have a blog typically have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. Notably, search engines prioritize pages with new content and lots of inbound links, all of which blogs help to generate.

Content that is relevant to consumers’ knowledge needs will make it more relevant, result in higher rankings on search engines, and ultimately boost organic search traffic to your site. Also, by curating relevant content for your audiences, you set the stage for becoming an influencer within your industry.

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