Whitepaper 1.03

CRO Protocol Labs (“”) intends to operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and use its best endeavors to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals. Regulatory licenses and/or approvals are likely to be required in several relevant jurisdictions in which relevant activities may take place. This means that the development and roll-out of all the initiatives described in this whitepaper are not guaranteed. It is not possible to guarantee, and no person makes any representations, warranties, or assurances, that any such licenses or approvals will be obtained within a particular timeframe or at all. As such, the initiatives described in this whitepaper may not be available in certain jurisdictions, or at all. This could require restructuring of these initiatives and/or its unavailability in all or certain respects. In addition, the development of any initiatives is intended to be implemented in stages. During certain stages of development, the project may rely on relationships with certain licensed third-party entities. If these entities are no longer properly licensed in the relevant jurisdiction, this will impact the ability of to rely on the services of that party Whitepaper 1.03