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Certain terms used herein are defined in NI 51-101 or the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGE Handbook) and, unless the context otherwise requires, shall have the same meanings in this Annual Information Form as in NI 51-101 or the COGE Handbook. The following definitions form the basis of the classification of reserves and values presented in the Sproule Report. Reserve data tables may not be added due to rounding.

The determination of oil and gas reserves involves the preparation of estimates that have an inherent degree of associated uncertainty. Categories of proved, probable, and possible reserves have been established to reflect the level of these uncertainties and to provide an indication of the probability of recovery. The estimation and classification of reserves require the application of professional judgment combined with geological and engineering knowledge to assess whether or not specific reserve classification criteria have been satisfied. Knowledge of concepts including uncertainty and risk, probability and statistics, and deterministic and probabilistic estimation methods is required to properly use and apply reserves definitions. These concepts are presented and discussed in greater detail within the guidelines in Section 5.5 of the COGE Handbook. The following definitions apply to both estimates of individual reserve entities and the aggregate of reserves for multiple entities.

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