A Roadmap For Cost Savings and Exploiting Technology

A Roadmap For Cost Savings and Exploiting Technology

“With its announcement of z/VSE 4, IBM has executed a hat trick. It has brought new technical life to an operating system that has not been part of the swift flow of mainstream computing. It has brought the usage-based pricing model used by z/OS mainframe shops to the VSE users who had previously been neglected. And it has set the stage for fresh hardware initiatives by speeding the exit of users with older machines.” Hesh Wiener, Big Iron

The intent of this document is to provide those responsible for making the long-term decisions on the nature and direction of their company’s IT strategy with the information and arguments to continue with their investment with z/VSE.

This white paper illustrates the value of upgrading hardware and software portfolios to VSE customers currently running pre- z/VSE 4.1 systems on pre-System z9 processors. For those running a standard portfolio of z/VSE products on Multiprise, 9672, or z8xx/z9xx classes of machine, there are significant TCO savings to be realized.

A Roadmap For Cost Savings and exploiting Technology

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