A Modernized Software Environment for Developing, Deploying, and Operating Cloud Applications

IT leaders are increasingly expected to do far more than simply manage the infrastructure—an increasingly large portion of their time and energy is devoted to strategic initiatives. One area of focus is the enterprise application development function, and it’s not hard to see why. Once considered simply necessary utilities, business services are now increasingly viewed as powerful tools for enhancing productivity and driving competitive differentiation.

That shift puts significant pressure on developers and their managers to deliver business solutions, faster and faster, with more and more capability. At the same time, IT—like every part of the enterprise—must carefully control costs, particularly headcount. Software development is without a doubt moving to the cloud, but in the meantime, legacy applications represent a massive investment that must continue to be leveraged until there is a compelling reason to upgrade or decommission them.

A Modernized Software Environment for Developing, Deploying and Operating Cloud Applications