LinkedIn integrates AI to help jobseekers attract potential employers

LinkedIn announced that it is rolling out its AI-powered job experience to all premium subscribers, starting in English worldwide. The platform plans to incorporate further enhancements based on user feedback.

To assist job seekers in adapting to changing demands, LinkedIn has introduced a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) features for premium subscribers. These AI features allow members to explore career opportunities, review applications, and personalize cover letters according to job requirements. Additionally, LinkedIn is providing expert advice powered by AI.

These new features complement the AI-powered professional guide introduced last year. According to LinkedIn, this guide helps users attract more customers, acquire critical skills, address business queries, and summarize posts in the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn: What’s New for Jobseekers

Job Search and Application: Users can now instruct LinkedIn to find jobs using a simple voice prompt. LinkedIn can also review applications and resumes in seconds, helping users stand out for specific jobs. Those using the review service will receive immediate feedback and personalized suggestions tailored to specific job postings. Additionally, job seekers can simplify their search with personalized cover letter recommendations, which they can review and edit.

Expert Advice and Coaching: LinkedIn has launched a pilot program offering personalized practical advice from industry-leading business leaders and coaches on LinkedIn Learning, powered by AI. The responses are trained by experts and customized to each learner’s unique needs. LinkedIn also offers personalized coaching support through an AI-powered course, available in full or as summarized content. Users can clarify certain topics, get examples, and receive other real-time insights.