Introduction to Governance Whitepaper

One of the biggest challenges our customers have with managing their Salesforce environments is the lack of governance. There are several common reasons why this is the case:

The Business purchased Salesforce with little (if any) input or involvement from IT.

The Business requires a highly agile platform for delivery of Business requirements and they believe governance processes will add unacceptable delays.

Due to the nature of areas (Application Platform as a Service), many believe changes should be simply made directly in production and that Governance is not required.

Cloud is new to many of our customers and they do not have a track record to follow.

However, having Governance around your Salesforce deployment can help the program team focus on the Business backlog and at the same time adhere to your company’s IT policies and best practices without loss of agility. Salesforce’s most successful customers have comprehensive governance frameworks in place with the Business & IT working in tandem to build and manage mission-critical applications. This whitepaper will outline an overview of a framework showing how the Business and IT can work together to deliver successful business solutions at the speed demanded by the Business.

Introduction to Governance Whitepaper