Google’s Gemini now available as an app for Android phone users in India

Google announced on Tuesday that its AI assistant, Gemini, is now available as an app for Android users in India, supporting English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages. For iPhone users, Gemini will be accessible through the Google app in the coming weeks, according to a blog post by Amar Subramanya, Vice President, Engineering, Gemini Experiences.

“Gemini, your AI assistant from Google, has had an exciting first year in India… From students to developers and many other curious minds, people in India are embracing Gemini’s capabilities to enhance their productivity, learning, and creativity in everyday life,” Subramanya wrote.

Additionally, Gemini Advanced users in India can now access features of Gemini 1.5 Pro, Google’s latest next-gen AI model. This expanded capacity allows users to upload multiple large documents and emails for quick summaries, feedback, and actionable insights. Subramanya emphasized, “As always, privacy is a top priority. Gemini keeps your files private to you, and they’re not used to train our models.”

Google also noted that Gemini features will be integrated into Google Messages on select devices.

Earlier this year, the generative AI platform faced controversies over its “fascist Modi” responses and perceived anti-white bias. In February, a journalist shared a screenshot showing Gemini making uncharitable comments about Modi while being circumspect about Trump and Zelenskyy. Google addressed the issue, admitting the chatbot “may not always be reliable” on current events and political topics. Former Minister of State for IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar warned Google that Indians “are not to be experimented on” with unreliable platforms and emphasized the legal obligation to ensure safety and trust.

In a recent post on social media platform X, the former Union minister criticized large language models (LLMs), stating, “LLMs’ ‘bullshit content’ comes from most models being trained on content/datasets that are – to politely use the phrase – NOT quality assured. That’s why you have the embarrassing sight of billion-dollar Gemini/ChatGPT on many occasions spewing nonsense. Garbage in, garbage out is an old adage in programming, especially if you’re depending on scraping the internet.”